AAAD Bangladesh

(Extend Yourself To Help The Distress People)

Agriculture Program

AAAD Bangladesh has been established in 1999 dreaming the dream of a positive life style of rural distress people. For this AAAD Bangladesh initiated Agricultural program to provide privileges among those who are helpless. AAAD Bangladesh is conscious enough of taking care to Query Redressal Service, which will be helpful for providing relevant information to the farming community whenever needed.

AAAD Bangladesh is working to promote networking of farmers belonging to similar sectoral villages and helping the farmers with their production and process-related activities in agriculture. It also foster producer-purchaser linkages by providing market places for the farmers to sell their produced items to the appropriate purchaser at the appropriate price.

Keeping all the above in mind AAAD Bangladesh has been implementing a good number of programs on Agriculture in its working areas, which are mentioned below in brief:



1. Crops:

AAAD Bangladesh has taken program for the overall development of cropping in its project area. Bangladesh has got a good fertile land but the back dated cultivating system is working as a dam on the way of development. So AAAD Bangladesh is giving emphasis in this regard to transform the traditional cultivation system into crop – diversification. To reduce the food insufficiency it is needed to cultivate multiple – Crop in the same field in a season.

To produce bumper crops the farmers need well seeds and AAAD Bangladesh is providing various equipments to the poor farmers for seed processing.

Production and processing of crop are the important tasks in the field of Agriculture. For this AAAD Bangladesh initiated some systems for producing different types of crops and also for the preservation of the produced crops.



2. Live – Stock and Poultry:

To make the distress people economically developed AAAD Bangladesh thinks the needs of livestock and Poultry farm. The major portions of the project are being benefited directly by this project of AAAD Bangladesh. AAAD Bangladesh is providing proper guidelines to the poor distress people through training for the development of poultry farms as a profitable and sustainable occupation.

3. Nurseries and Green House:

Keeping eyes on the pollution of environment and green house affected, AAAD Bangladesh has implemented various programs for growing up nursery and for this it is working to make understand its beneficiaries about the importance of plantation.



4. Horticulture:

The importance of Horticulture is well known to the educated society but in case of rural illiterate people it is not well understandable. AAAD Bangladesh did the right work to make a good number of people understand what is horticulture and how it could help them. A large number of people are being trained by AAAD about horticulture and now they have understood that horticulture is helping them to reduce their financial crisis and mal nutrition also. It has taken various schemes for cultivating vegetables in homestead garden. It collects various foods from its own farm such as Mango, Guava, Citras and different fruits and vegetables, etc.



5. Fisheries:

There are a lot of abandoned ponds, marshes / swamps, in rural area which could be the means of good earnings of the poor farmers. A good number of people are being trained by AAAD how to activate those abandoned marshes as good fisheries for the better earning source.



6. Bio-Mass Production/ Natural Fertilizer Production:

AAAD Bangladesh has been continuing to train up its beneficiaries about the production of natural fertilizer. Now a days it has been proved that “organic fertilizer is a more environment friendly and conducive for soil quality than inorganic fertilizer”. So, AAAD has taken an initiative for training up the farmers how to produce and use eco-sustainable natural fertilizer through the Bio-mass and compost production.