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Education Program


“Illiteracy is a curse”. Now a days this proverb has been proved all over the world .For all types of development education acts like medicine. For eliminating poverty and economical development there is no alternative of education. That is why education is called the backbone of a nation. In order to eradicate the curse of illiteracy of rural people AAAD Bangladesh has executed various programs such as Mother support program, Mother Child education program, Functional Adult Literacy program, Program for Library Studies, etc.




 The girl doesn't go to school. Her mother doesn't see the benefit that an education would bring to her child.

 All day, she works to help feeding the family.







1. Mother Support Program:


The aim of the Mother Support Program is to sensitize mothers on subjects such as children’s developments, health, nutrition, care and creative play activities, discipline, mother-child interaction, communication expressing feeling and the needs of the mother. The program is implemented in the form of group discussion, lead by the facilitators who are trained by AAAD. AAAD has decided to implement the program as a 24-week program. The goal of the program is to create changes in the behavior of the participants and to establish a social support network amongst the participants. The main contents of the programs are given below:


  • Social development.
  • Emotional developments.
  • Physical developments.
  • Child development and the role of family.
  • Importances of play and impact on development.
  • Negative discipline methods.
  • Listening.
  • Discipline methods.
  • Generalization.
  • Toilet training.
  • Health & Care.
  • Preventing accidents.
  • Problem behavior.
  • Studying habits.
  • Parent – school cooperation.  


2. Mother Child education Program (MOCEP):

It is every child’s right to live and develop to his or her full prospective. In this regard AAAD Bangladesh always remember the great speech of Napoleon Bonaparte, “Give me good mother, I will give you a good nation”. So it is universal that to make a good generation the importance of a good mother has known no bounds.

AAAD has realized that, as the child’s development is most rapid in early ages, so the environment of the child is particularly significant in meeting his or her developmental needs. However, in some instances parents may need support to meet the developmental needs of their children.

AAAD thinks that in Bangladesh it clearly visible that the cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of children living in disadvantaged socio-economic environment can be lower than their peers.


The contents of Mother – Child Education program are as follows:

Mother Child education program (MOCEP):

This program consists of three components:

  • Mother support program
  • Cognitive training program
  • Reproductive health & family planning program.

Each component includes educational materials, which are distributed to the mother and child free of charge. 


3. Functional Adult Literacy program:

The biggest number of illiteracy of Bangladesh is observed in rural areas and among them women are in great number. Being deprived of their fundamental education rights, they cannot take part in many daily activities or meet their basic social needs. There are many Government and non-Government organization in Bangladesh who could not be able to make free the nation from the curse of illiteracy. But AAAD has got the unique idea implementing its functional adult literacy program.

AAAD is continuing its adult literacy program using the students of high school and college, the trained teachers and unemployed educated people. All the teachers are being trained by the experts of AAAD.


Why this program is important?

This program is important because of many reasons. Firstly, without having literacy the large number of population will be deprived to take part in development activities. Secondly lack of literacy the parents will not be able to guide their children properly and as a result the country could lose many genius. Thirdly lack of literacy the major poor part of population could never be able to lead a normal life.

‘Education for All’, keeping this slogan on the focus, TMSS carries out motivational activities through Group Discussions, using Festoons, Leaflets, Miking, banners, etc. In addition, publication of different books leaflets, reports, handout, brochure, etc. are being published time to time.


4. Program for Library Studies:

AAAD Bangladesh is maintaining a good process of library work for all classes of people, especially for those who have got light of education by AAAD. There is a big library established in rural area by AAAD Bangladesh to fulfill the demand of the thirst of knowledge of all typed people. The name of the Library is “Innatun-Nesa Public Library (INPL)”. The library has another type of support services to promote community peoples’ knowledge through reading Books & News Paper.