AAAD Bangladesh

(Extend Yourself To Help The Distress People)

Health and Nutrition Program


There is a wise saying, “Health is the roots of all happiness”. Health service is the fundamental right of Human being, which has already been realized by AAAD for rural distressed people. Since its foundation AAAD is working on Health and Nutrition to fulfill the demand of its beneficiaries, especially the poor community people. To ensure Health and Nutrition service AAAD is implementing the following services among its beneficiaries in the project area:


1.    Health-care services to prevent disease: For maintaining good-health, health-care service is essential to the rural people, because prevention is better than cure. For this AAAD is implementing preventive health-care service, and these services are Health-Education, counseling on Family planning to eligible couples. Immunization of 0-1 year infants & 15-45 years women, Immunization of pregnant mothers, growth monitoring, de-worming, blindness prevention and polio-Education of 0-5 age group children. AAAD is also conducting of safe deliveries raising on HIV/AIDS and also awareness on sanitation.

2.    Health-care services for curation: AAAD is providing services among its beneficiaries surrounding people how to cure disease. For this AAAD is conducting community-based work to cure them who are suffering from various severe diseases.

3.    Expanded Program on Immunization: AAAD is implementing this program for mass immunization. By this program of AAAD a good number of poor people are being rescued from social negligence.

4.    Family Planning Services: AAAD is providing this service among its beneficiaries to ensure a happy prosperous life. AAAD is providing this service permanently since its foundation. By this service a lot of poor illiterate woman have been conscious about family planning.

5.    Program for the proper service of Sanitation and Safe-drinking water: AAAD is working on sanitation and safe-drinking water as an essential part of primary health-care service. by raising awareness and through proper counseling. AAAD is providing necessary help among its beneficiaries on the use of safe-water, sanitary latrine and preventive measures of arsenic mitigation and water-borne diseases in its working areas. AAAD has already taken various programs on sanitation and arsenic mitigation.

6.    Assessment for Nutrition Status: Nutrition is an essential component for good health. Keeping this in mind the workers of AAAD assessed the nutritional status of the people in its working area for providing proper guidelines to save themselves from mal-nutrition.

7.    Supplementation on Nutritional Service: After implementing a good survey on Nutritional assessment, AAAD is providing Nutritional Supplementation among its beneficiaries in the working area. A large number of vulnerable people have been receiving services under this program of AAAD.

8.    Counseling on awareness about HIV/AIDS: Now a days HIV/AIDS has been an alarming health problem in country. So, AAAD is helping to let know its beneficiaries the consequence of the fatality of HIV/AIDS. For this AAAD is working on this issue through raising awareness and sanitation among the people using different tools such as leaflets, banners, posters, festoons, audio-visuals, etc.

9.    Anti-drug Movement: Drug addiction is gradually grasping the youth of our country. So, AAAD has taken various programs like, seminar, workshop, counseling, etc to raise consciousness against Drug-Addiction. AAAD has established rehabilitation center in its working area for the addicted people.