AAAD Bangladesh

(Extend Yourself To Help The Distress People)

Human Development and Training Program

Human development is an important task of AAAD. For human development AAAD has been implementing various activities. There are many multiple training programs have been carried out to explore the potentialities of the related deserving people. HRD is a core division of AAAD, which continuously offers training for developing staffs and need based staff-development training of AAAD. A brief discussion of the activities of AAAD’s HRD is given below:

Training for build up skill: It is a major program of AAAD. AAAD Bangladesh has various training venue with modern logistics and facilities to make its staff more skilled. AAAD is implementing certain programs to build up demand-based skill for the improvement of its people’s working-skill.

Right-based Training to create consciousness: To facilitate establishment of rights of citizens in every sphere   of life is the major moto of AAAD. So this training program will act accurately for raising consciousness among its beneficiaries towards facilitating establishment of rights of citizens.

Training for building awareness: AAAD Bangladesh is working to raise awareness its beneficiaries, That is why AAAD has taken different development programs like sanitation, health, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, etc. AAAD always maintains a good liaison with elites of the society, local and religious leaders, youth clubs, etc, to strengthen the process of awareness among its beneficiaries.

Workshop/Seminar: For human development, AAAD is organizing workshop/seminar very frequently with the target groups, local leaders, religious leaders and other stakeholders.

Cultural activities: AAAD organizes various cultural programs its projects area to increase human potentialities among the beneficiaries through staging drama, cultural show, folk song, etc. In addition to get rid of monotonous life, AAAD arrange various enjoyment and refreshment programs in its working areas.