AAAD Bangladesh

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Security awareness Development Program

Security awareness development is the vital issue around the world. If we don't make security awareness perfectly, then we don't expect peaceful life.

Now days it is very important to develop security awareness in personal life, family life and social life. There are increasing the vulnerability of security day by day in the world. So, this is the best time to reach door to door with the full bucket of security awareness. Everybody expect to deal with peaceful life at home and abroad.

Nobody knows the unexpected situation, so it is the great time to take necessary steps for security awareness for developing safety & security life.


AAAD Bangladesh believes that if we go to root level of human beings (especially rural and urban area) with security awareness development program and arrange the training program all the level of human beings then it will be develop very soon.

AAAD Bangladesh expects a peaceful world and brotherhood life. AAAD is working on it in the rural & urban level to develop security awareness. But it needs adequate funds for quick development of security awareness in both rural and urban people.

AAAD Bangladesh hopes that, it will be possible to remain peaceful life & world through organizing various training programs on security awareness development program. For this reason AAAD-Bangladesh is working hard on this issue.