AAAD Bangladesh

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Self-entreprises Development Program


Self – Enterprises Development Program (SEDP) is the window of development of AAAD. The organization strongly believes that development of micro and small enterprises in Bangladesh may contribute as the engine for socio-economic development of the country. So, the Program was initiated to create business opportunities for micro and small enterprises for the beneficiaries and upgrading their ability to cope with the highly competitive world of business by offering demand-driven multidimensional and integrated business development services. The objective of the program is to develop need-based small-scale enterprises for the creation of employment/self-employment of the beneficiaries for the earning of their income and improve their socio-economic condition to change their fate by their own will-force of work.

Keeping the above view in mind, AAAD has been organizing training courses on different need-based trades for its beneficiaries. AAAD has sufficient skilled professionals (Instructors/Facilitators) of its own, modules on different trades and adequate modern equipments for each field mainly concerning to “farming, non-farming, handicrafts, etc. AAAD is providing training for its members through a number of Training Centers located at different parts of rural areas of the country. The organization applies different approaches for its technical training programs such as a) Formal Approach; b) Training Centered Education Approach, and c) Field level Training Approach.

Beside, providing with technical training on different trades for the beneficiaries, AAAD extends the following supports for the entrepreneurs:

1. Entrepreneurship Development Training

·         Entrepreneurship Development and Management

·         Trade based Skill Development Training


2. Technical Support:

·         Help identify need-based small enterprises

·         Help to formulate project proposal

·         Help cost-benefit analysis (Appraisals)

·         Help maintain accounting system

·         Evaluation


3. Marketing Linkage:

·         Help to find out markets for the produced items

·         Market feasibility Study

·         Help develop linkages for marketing of products


4. Linkage with Financial Institute:

·         Help identify financial institutes for particular enterprises

·         Help develop linkages for financial support


5. Follow-up & Counseling:

·         Continuous follow-up and counseling for running the business and provide with the required services


6. Business Association Development:

·         The program has Established a number of Business Associations for sharing and exchanging their views and experiences so that, they can significantly contribute in improving customer relations and customer satisfaction, improved congenial working environment / condition, better production technology, Information about, or access to new product design, value of keeping records for making decision properly, Cooperative marketing for making more profit as well as increase enthusiasm and empowerment for the business expansion.