AAAD Bangladesh

(Extend Yourself To Help The Distress People)

Upcoming projects

Project n°1:

The "Safe Heaven" Old Home:  Project Profil.pdf

This project is about the construction of a home for distressed elderly that don't have anyone or anything. The main purpose is to provide them a decent living place.


Project n°2:

The "Manush Manusher Jonno" Education Program: Project Profile 2.pdf

It is to provide a basic education to rural people (read and write), as well as teaching them new means of living.


Project n°3:

Project-3A: Lahuria Community Health Service: Project Profile 3.pdf

The purpose of this project is to provide health treatments to rural people, and to help them improving their health condition by giving them some advices.

Project-3B: Lahuria Community Health Service-Policies for the distressed: Health project 2 Policies for the distressed.pdf

The purpose of this project is to provide health insurance to distressed people. Feeling very concerned by the lack of health care, AAAD Bangladesh will allow poor people to buy insurance or keep their existing policies going by collecting donations from several organizations and individuals.

Project 4 : AAAD Project for Agriculture & Social Economic Development AAAD Project for Agriculture & Social Economic Development.ppt


Create a national and international network of rural development, agribusiness and civil society professionals involved in all aspects of agriculture and rural development.