AAAD Bangladesh

(Extend Yourself To Help The Distress People)

Women, Child and Gender Development Program

AAAD Bangladesh is working for the utmost satisfaction of women, especially to enhance their capacity to reduce poverty, facilitate their participation in decision-making process and also to establish their empowerment. AAAD Bangladesh has realized that children are the unique potent to build up a prosperous nation. And that is why children are one of the major concern-areas of AAAD’s intervention for their development aiming at establishing their rights and enhance their potentiality for a prosperous future and a good number of beneficiaries have already been benefited through this project. AAAD has adopted the following progress for materializing the goal of this project:

Over-all survey: AAAD Bangladesh has conducted a social survey to find out the problems of women and children in its proposed areas, which is helping to design pragmatic work-plan

The requirements of Assessment:
AAAD is conscious enough about the needs of the beneficiaries and for this the assessment of needs of the beneficiaries is being done by AAAD for each program. The assessment is carried out to chalk-out programs for interventions to address the needs for their development.

Linkage with programs: On completion of over-all survey and requirements of assessment AAAD links with all the related-programs for mobilizing Women, Children and Gender Development Program.

Special Workshop, Seminar for Gender Awareness
: AAAD has realized that without Gender Awareness, development work of the society is not possible. So, realizing this truth, AAAD is arranging special workshop and seminar from time to time for promoting awareness, motivation and counseling.

Child Rights and Rehabilitation: To establish child rights is one of the main goals of AAAD. For this AAAD has taken various programs to promote the livelihood status of the children and their rehabilitation.

Women and Child Trafficking: It is a very common feature of Bangladesh. AAAD is working to promote awareness against Women and Child Trafficking. To check women and child trafficking, AAAD is providing training to its beneficiaries.

Day Care Center:  AAAD is conscious about taking care of the working-mothers’ babies. That is why AAAD has taken that type program to ensure health and education of the working-mothers’ babies.

Old Home: AAAD has implemented this program to rehabilitate the old people and also provide necessary support to them.

Shelter-Homes for Distressed Women: In Bangladesh the number of distressed women are increasing rapidly, because of socio-economical condition, illiteracy, poverty, etc. Considering these AAAD is implementing the idea of shelter homes for facilitating the distressed women in its project area.