AAAD Bangladesh

(Extend Yourself To Help The Distress People)

      Welcome to the official website of AAAD Bangladesh!

What is AAAD Bangladesh?

Auto Advanced Association for Development- (AAAD) is a non-government, non-profit, non-political, humanitarian, socio-economic developmental local voluntary organization, established in the year 1999 with the cooperation and untiring efforts of few professional and well experienced social workers who had been working with several international and national NGOs in the field of rural and urban development.

This was established with the philanthropic ideas to find out appropriate ways of solving the multifarious problems in the society and promoting the socio-economic condition of the landless, poor destitute and the oppressed multitude through mobilization and utilization of local and other available resources.



 AAAD is registered with the Department of Social Services of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Registration n° DHA-06597 dated April 1st, 2002.

AAADBangladesh and Manab Shahayak Kendra is working jointly.

NGO Bureau Registration Number is: 2769


Since its foundation in 1999, AAAD mission has remained unchanged: to help the poorest to improve their access to healthcare, education, agriculture and financial security, and to overcome their special vulnerability to the emergency situations generated by manmade crisis, civil conflict, natural disaster and even in war. 


AAAD is committed to serve the less privileged and downtrodden people of Bangladesh. The promoter of the organization is committed to render utmost services and care to the have-notes and to those who are living in sub-human condition in order to make them self-sufficient. We believe “small is beautiful and suitable for small” and as such, we start all our activities on a small-scale basis.

The proceeding of our work is slow but steady and we expand our activities depending on the local socio-economic and political situation and after proper evaluation of our previous programs. We have long and practical experience of working with the destitute people of Bangladesh and as such we believe that proper motivation, appropriate training and financial assistance can make the uprooted and poverty stricken people self-reliant and become masters of their destiny and achievement.

AAAD believes that the beneficiaries will play active role for their total development and AAAD itself will act as catalyst in promoting the course of action towards accomplishment.