AAAD Bangladesh

(Extend Yourself To Help The Distress People)

Legal Status

AAAD is registered with the Department of Social Services of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Registration No. DHA-06597 dated April 01, 2002.


AAAD Bangladesh & Manab Shahayak Kendra is working jointly. NGO Bureau registration no: 2769.

AAAD administration and management

AAAD has a strong General Council consisting of 21 members, which is the supreme body of this organization. Every two years the General Council meets to elect its Executive Committee that consists of 7 members elected from among the members of the General Council. The Executive Committee frames up the policies for smooth running of AAAD programs. Moreover, the General Council meets annually for over viewing and approval of annual activity reports, expenditure and budget.

The Executive Committee meets bimonthly to frame up guidelines and policies and suggests advice on proper implementation of all AAAD activities. The decisions of the Executive Committee are materialized by the staff members headed by General Secretary who is the chief of entire administration.




Syed Kayum Ali


General Secretary

Syed Kamruzzaman (Zaman)

(Former Diplomatic Security [SD] Coordinator, US Embassy, Dhaka)


Rafia Akther